Core Team



Media and Messaging

SciComm writer focused on returning optimism to science and science fiction. Creator of several comics designed to promote skepticism, scientific wonder, and a dedication to accurate science in literature.  Computer Engineer. Talks about Dune too much. 



Teresa recently received her Ph.D. from the UW Pharmacology Department and now works in graduate student affairs and science communication. She's passionate about effective science education, advocacy and communication. She is one of the rare hockey fans who lives in Seattle, and enjoys her bourbon neat. 


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Diversity and Community 

Jenn Pang aims to bring previously marginalized voices to the center of the March for Science movement and bridge the divide between communities and the scientists that ultimately serve them. Jenn graduated with a PhD in molecular biology in 2010 and currently works at Bellevue College..

Liz Warfield 

Volunteer Coordinator

Liz is a mother, biologist, and an educator at the University of Washington. A life-long educator, Liz is passionate about education and works towards improving educational equity in large classroom settings. Her experience managing classrooms with over 800 students makes her uniquely qualified to manage our small army of volunteers.  



Olga Sharapova has PhD in biochemistry with over 10 years of experience in protein engineering field. Now Olga is working as a Scientist at the biotech company Alder Biopharmaceuticals. Over the last two years she’s become passionate about science popularization and that is why she started Seattle Science Slam, a TED-like event where scientists present their research to the general public. 



Aaron completed his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering in 2015 at the University of Washington. He's taught kindergarten to graduate-level science courses and considers access to quality science education essential to our future. Aaron is marching to help affirm science as a vital feature of a working democracy. He hopes to make this movement long-term and get more young people excited and involved in scientific endeavors.

Support Team

Amy Ashton

Amy is a Seattle based graphic designer and illustrator specializing in public outreach for the past 5 years. Just as scientists use research to advance understanding, she delves into subjects, using visual media to deliver design that resonates and communicates. She believes in the power of science and knowledge to advance and better society and brings her skills in design to spread the march's message. She designs and sells enamel pins in her spare time and loved watching "Bill Nye the Science Guy" when growing up.


Eric Camp 

Eric Camp is a Seattle native and lifelong Husky.  He started as a science communicator as a teenager at the Pacific Science Center and spent 5 years working in special education before earning a Masters in Chemistry at the UW.  He now works as a Lab supervisor for undergraduate students in the Chemistry department.  He joined March for Science because his life's work, science education, is under attack.


Bill KimZey

Bill is the March for Science's project manager. Bill likes trees. They stand patiently while he tries to identify them, and they don’t frighten easily. He volunteers at the UW Botanical Gardens and with Friends of Madrona Woods.

Ali Lee

Ali Lee has been doing community building and collaboration work for over 20 years while leading in grassroots movements in logistics and permits for marches, rallies, and events for the past 15 years. Her most recent was working as a Co-Organizer of logistics and permits for the Womxn's March on Seattle, Co-)rganizer for the TAX March Seattle, Peace and Safety Lead for the Immigrants Rights rally, ERA Ratification Coalition, International Women's Day and many more. A longtime activist marching around the world and a proud Husky, the passion for STEM is in us all. Science and advancements in Science are our future,  our children's and grandchildren's future. She is proud to be apart of this amazing team!  Ali hopes to have the first full cradle to cradle vertical solar farm up and running by the year 2020 in Seattle.

Jason Santos

Jason is a designer and art director who is fortunate to call Seattle and the beautiful Pacific Northwest his home. With over a decade of creative experience, he has learned the importance of using data to drive effective design. Besides a history of working in the tech sector, Jason volunteers his time to help further positive changes in the world. When he’s not busy designing, Jason can be found adventuring and practicing good stewardship on the trails around the state and enjoys stargazing from mountaintops. He still wants to be an astronaut. You can find him at and


Stacy Smedley

Stacy H. Smedley has devoted her adulthood to understanding the impact of the built environment on the natural environment, focused recently on emissions impacts and climate change. As Director of Sustainability at Skanska she works to research, benchmark and improve design and construction practices to create buildings that minimize materials and construction emissions, and strive for positive impacts around materials health and ecosystem restoration. She is currently Vice Chair of the Washington Businesses for Climate Action and Advisory Board Member for the Carbon Leadership forum. By night she sings in the local duo, Pebble n the Crick.


Brigit Stadler

Brigit is an obsessively organized social scientist and historian, endlessly fascinated by the natural and social worlds. With a B.S. in Sociology and Japan Studies and an M.A. in Korea Studies, she has lived all over the United States and East Asia. She has a vast collection of hats, including translator, photographer, and editor, but wears a well-worn administrative and organizational support hat for the March for Science. You can find her at