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We here at the March for Science have worked to make this march as accessible to all who wish to celebrate and defend science and the scientific community with us. We know science works best when everyone is included. Regardless of your level of ability, we hope you will join us April 14th!

March Route

The March route:

  • Starts at Cal Anderson Park in Capitol Hill at 10 am
  • March starts at Pine and 11th
  • Pine towards downtown (no hill until significant downhill leaving Capitol Hill)
  • Right on 4th (very slight uphill)
  • Right on Denny
  • Left on 5th Ave (slight uphill)
  • Left on Harrison into Seattle Center to International Fountain
  • The march is thought to take an able-bodied person roughly 60 minutes.

Please use our interactive map BEFORE you come to Cal Anderson Park to familiarize yourself with activities in the park, road blockages, and bathroom stops along the march route.

ASL Interpreters

We will have ASL Interpreters on stage during the rally. There will be a designated area in front of the stage for those who need to be closer. Volunteers can provide directions.

Restrooms And Rest Stops

Along the route, we will pass the following ADA-accessible restrooms:

  • At Cal Anderson Park (3)
  • Pine and 4th (1)
  • Denny and 4th (1)
  • Seattle Center has many publicly available bathrooms

In addition, numerous coffee shops have generously volunteered their establishments to be safe, clean places along the way for marchers who may need to take a break for a while, free of charge.

  • Starbucks on 7th between Pine and Pike
  • Starbucks on Pine and 5th
  • Uptown Espresso on 4th and Wall

Joining Late or Cheering On Marchers

There are three natural places along the march route for folks to either establish a cheering section or join the march mid-way.

  • 4th and Pine is approximately halfway through the march and has the best access to public transit as well as a large space for marchers and march supporters to gather.
  • The small strip park at Bell and 4th in Belltown neighborhood is a great place for science supporters.
  • The north end of Broad Street park (intersection of Broad, 5th, and Thomas) is the best place to greet marchers as they make the home stretch into the Seattle Center.


The following transit options will serve the march:

  • Cal Anderson: Link Light Rail, 49, 10 ,11, 43
  • Seattle Center to Downtown: D Line, E Line, 3, 4, Monorail

Please note the 8 bus will not operate the day of the march. For updated route and schedule information call 206.553.3000 or visit

For those arriving by car, there will be an ADA drop-off point at Denny and Nagle which will remain open for the entirety of the rally. Unfortunately, we cannot provide parking at Cal Anderson.


For those unable to attend the march in person we will be live streaming parts of the event and speakers on Facebook Live. Details to come.