The scientific method shines through the complexities of our world. The universe does not owe us easy answers. Science is our shared struggle to make the murky and complex nature of the cosmos a little more clear.


Our brains prefer to seek out information that confirms what we already believe. This leads us to count the "hits" and ignore the "misses". Our prejudices over-inform our conclusions. Science is a way to correct this. It allows us to sweep away generalizations and discover what's true.


The vastness and strangeness of the universe cannot be overstated. It is beautiful, destructive, and infinitely complex. With science, we can hope to understand and learn things we couldn't even fathom before. Its pursuit is one that forever feeds the curious.


No group of people, political party, or moment in history owns Science. It belongs to all people. It is a human endeavor. Every improvement of understanding, new technology, or new question builds on the shared foundations of all peoples who seek truth and share their discoveries. The wages of science are paid to all generations.


The institutions of science must remain vigilant against walls erected around its domain. Science is an open process. Efforts to exclude people from science inherently limit science. Efforts to suppress its findings and rob us all of knowledge. No one knows where the next important idea will come from. It's too risky to count anyone out.


The marvels of scientific discovery are not lost on those that work in other fields. Science has taken us to the moon, connected the world, and helped us thrive. These are accomplishments all people can admire. Science isn't just for those that labor in its name. It is supported equally by those that defend it and share its wonder.


We still don't fully understand why gravity works the way it does. We are perplexed by our energy crisis, the enigma of consciousness, and how best to treat numerous ailments. There is much still to learn and do. Science is an active field that needs your input.


Science should be celebrated! The world around is abloom with the achievements of science. Our past tells epics of human ingenuity, when the unknown was suddenly brought before us. Our future, too, will thrive with what we have yet to create and know. In our small corner of this spiral galaxy we call the Milky Way, let us be proud to say we humans created a way to understand the depths, the heights, and what lies within.


The findings of science are not always intuitive or easy to understand. The universe is complex, and resists being easily defined. Sometimes this leads to misinformation about scientific discoveries, or even attacks on science itself. Science is a human process, and it can only continue to deliver if we continue to defend it.

Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.
— Carl Sagan