Get Involved

Below are a list of specific positions currently available with the March, ranging from a few hours a week to a few hours on the day of. Please have a look and, if interested, contact the volunteer coordinator or complete this form.



March attendants dedicated to maintaining a peaceful event. Must attend a training prior to the March. 



Rapid Response

Identify possible medical emergencies during the march and connect marchers with medical help. As a member of this team volunteers will attend a pre-march training, meet with the Rapid Response Team Leader before the march, and be present on march day to ensure the march is a safe and enjoyable event for everyone.



Impact Crew

Our mission is to leave Seattle after the march cleaner than it was before. Environmental Impact Crew members are needed on Saturday 4/14 during and after the march and Sunday 4/15 for post march pick-up.




We always need volunteers to reach out to their friends, family, and community to encourage them to attend the March on April 14th. Feel free to get creative here—pass out or post flyers, encourage family and friends to attend, ask to make an announcement at your community or place of worship, post on your social media, organize a group travel plan with friends and neighbors, host a sign-making party, or any other way to get the word out. Please be sure to ask permission first when posting flyers at coffee shops, book stores, local library, etc.



We are looking for all types of volunteers – young, old, families, students, etc. If you’d like to volunteer but don’t know where you could fit in, please contact us at and we will find a place for you—this is a great place to have a meaningful impact!