Senior Electrical Engineering student at the University of Washington, recipient of a NASA space grant and a Mary Gates Endowment for Research grant, and kickboxing instructor.

Why does Science matter to you?

I want to push the boundaries of space exploration and also bring non-invasive medical technology to the biomedical field. It is humbling and thrilling (like MMA fighting) and a contains a large dose of the unknown. Space exploration challenges our understanding of the infinite cosmos. Through biomedical engineering we can change lives and bring cheaper, non-invasive health care to people suffering from diseases. Both fields are investments in the future of humankind. 

What captivated you about Engineering?

When I was 18, after hard sparring at a training camp, I came across a podcast featuring Joe Rogan and Neil deGrasse Tyson. I was captivated by Tyson. He spoke about the powerful role of engineers as modern day problem solvers and the reason scientists are able to make the leaps and bounds that we all get excited about. I just wanted to be an engineer at that point, it was such a gangster engineer.

Why I March for Science

I generally support anything to do with science regardless of affiliation to politics. I want to be everything from protector of the nerds to an active participant in protecting science-backed decisions on legislation.