On April 22nd we will join people around the globe to March for Science.


The March for Science will begin the morning of April 22nd, at 10:00am.

It will begin with a celebration of Science, featuring speakers and events at Cal Anderson Park in Capitol Hill.

The March will commence at noon

The March for Science will end at the International Fountain, north of the Seattle Center. 

Start to finish time will vary, but expect the journey to take around 60 minutes. 

march route

Below is our route map, including information about access points and ADA-accessible restrooms. Here is our interactive map of the route with more information.

Accessing the March 

We are encouraging everyone to use public transportation, and particularly to ride LINK Light Rail and the Monorail. For more information on public transit, please see the infographic below or our F.A.Q.

Traffic and Parking Alerts

Please stay apprised of current traffic alerts and conditions. Allow extra time to get to and from your destination. 

For those coming across I-90, I-90 Westbound will be undergoing construction and reduced to one lane. Please consult WSDOT for more information.

Also, please be aware that there will be NO PARKING AT UW LIGHT RAIL STATION due to the Spring football game.


Feel free to share the following infographic about the March with any interested parties.