Available positions

Below are a list of specific positions currently available with the March, ranging from a few hours a week to a few hours on the day of. Please have a look and, if interested, apply using the link below.

apply here

 Manage all aspect of March for Science – Seattle’s finances and bookkeeping in accordance with Washington State Law and Federal Tax Laws.

3-10 hours per week

March attendants dedicated to maintaining a peaceful event. Must attend a training prior to the March. 

10-12 hours total

The Rapid Response Team’s goal is to identify possible medical emergencies during the march and connect marchers with medical help. As a member of this team volunteers will attend a pre-march training, meet with the Rapid Response Team Leader before the march, and be present on march day to ensure the march is a safe and enjoyable event for everyone.

10-15 hours total

Our mission is to leave Seattle after the march cleaner than it was before. Environmental Impact Team Members will work under direction of Josh Frank. Clean-up Crew members are needed on Saturday 4/22 during and after the march and Sunday 4/23 for post march pick-up.

We are looking for all types of volunteers – young, old, families, students, etc. If you’d like to volunteer but don’t know where you could fit in – this is a great place to have a meaningful impact!

8-20 hours total, depending on availability

Work with Stage / Equipment Manager to set up, test, tear down, and return stage and audio equipment.

4-16 hours, depending on availability