We were beyond humbled by the outpouring of support and financial donations for last year's March for Science - Seattle, and are overjoyed to announce that we surpassed our $40,000 fundraising goal for our cause!  March for Science - Seattle is 100% unpaid volunteer-run. None of the organizers or leadership has ever earned any income from this event.

Due to the overwhelming local success of last year's march, the March for Science-Seattle is hosting a second march on April 14, 2018. Last year's marches brought science to the forefront to a degree that no one expected. A record number of scientists are trading in their laboratories and classrooms to campaign for state and US congressional seats in this year's mid-term elections. Congress overrode the administration's proposed cuts to NIH research funding. And 14 states representing one-third of US population have joined the U.S. Climate Alliance to continue pursuing the goals and specifications outlined in the Paris Accord. 

However, in spite of these successes, the administration continues to roll back policies and funding that benefit STEM technologies, healthcare, and the environment. The need to bring science to the forefront is as urgent as ever— the need to increasingly influence government-based policies that govern research funding, healthcare advances, and environmental sustainability. So, once again, we will be joining voices with the national March on Science in Washington, D.C. and other sister marches. The anticipated costs for this year will be approximately $30,000. And remember, every donation makes a difference, no matter how small! 

Please click the appropriate link below. We are deeply touched and grateful to everyone for your support! 


  • Space Rental
  • Crowd Mgmt.
  • Portapotties
  • Barricades
  • Stage and Sound
  • Insurance
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  • Merchandise
  • Banners/Signage
  • Misc. Services (art, ASL, web)
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