Bergen, Founder/CEO of Hivebio Community Laboratory.

What is HiveBio all about?

If you want to learn laboratory science, you have to be academically or professionally affiliated with a lab. Through the do-it-yourself model, we created a space where we can teach and learn lab science. Curious students and scientists can even conduct their own research. 

Why does Do-it-yourself matter to you?

I studied psychology with a neuroscience focus at school. I did not have my own lab space. That was limiting. Growing up a punk rocker, I was used to making the stuff that was needed - necessity creates innovation. The do-it-yourself community model allows me to create a space where no one else has to hear the 'no' or feel the frustration that I felt. 

Why I March for Science

The results of scientific inquiry should be open and accessible to everyone, not obfuscated by people in power for personal gain.